Uncle Joe’s Space Mill

Altrisuoni 2013
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Uncle Joe’s Space Mill // Final Step
Altrisuoni 2013 // Modern Jazz // I, CH, RUS

Uncle Joe’s Space Mill (Altrisuoni, 2014 release) is Final Step’s second discographic work. In this second album, Final Step is revising its style, keeping its intense and captivating rhythms but making its sound more acoustic and vintage, with influences from Balkan, Middle Eastern and North African folk music, as well as jazz-oriented improvisation.
The album was recorded live @ CSRM in Giubiasco (Switzerland) by Lorenzo Caperchi, mixed @ Red Carpet Studio in Brescia (Italy) by Lorenzo Caperchi and mastered @ Skyline Tonfabrik in Düsseldorf (Germany) by Kai Blankenberg.


Matteo Finali – guitar
Alessandro Ponti – piano, hammond, keyboards
Yuri Goloubev – double bass
Dario Milan – drums
Silvano de Tomaso – percussions
guest: Max Pizio – sax, akai EWI

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